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Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups: Anticipated Starters Unveiled

The anticipation for the Arandina CF vs Real Madrid lineups is reaching fever pitch as the match details reveal a 01/06/2024 showdown at El Montecillo in Aranda de Duero, Spain. Fans worldwide are marking their calendars for 21:30 CET (03:30pm EST) to catch this enthralling matchup, with TVE1HD offering live TV coverage and ESPN+ streaming online. This clash is more than a game; it’s a spectacle that brings together two diverse football philosophies under the floodlights of one of Spain’s revered venues.

As discussions and predictions swirl around the Arandina CF vs Real Madrid lineups, this article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the anticipated starters and their potential impact on the game. By examining player form, tactical setups, and historical encounters, readers will gain insights into what could be a riveting encounter between David and Goliath of football. The stage is set for a memorable night in Aranda de Duero, where strategy, skill, and passion will collide.

Background on Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups

The historical encounter between Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups sets the stage for an intriguing match-up. Previously, Real Madrid clinched a victory with a 3-1 scoreline, showcasing their dominance. This background paves the way for an analysis of both teams’ recent performances and potential lineups:

  • Recent Form and Performance:
    • Arandina CF: In their last 5 matches, they’ve secured 1 win, 2 draws, and faced 2 losses, indicating a struggle to maintain consistent form. Their performance in the Segunda División RFEF averages at 0.8 points per match.
    • Real Madrid: Demonstrating stronger form, Real Madrid boasts 3 wins and 2 draws from their last 5 matches. Their performance in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League averages a higher 2.6 points per match.
  • Season Statistics Comparison:
    • Goals Scored: Arandina CF has scored 3 goals in 2 matches, while Real Madrid has a significant tally of 104 goals in 46 matches.
    • Clean Sheets: Real Madrid leads with 56.52% clean sheets compared to Arandina CF’s 100% in a smaller sample size.
  • Impactful Players and Tactical Overview:
    • Real Madrid’s lineup against Arandina CF featured Keylor Navas, Ferland Mendy, and young talents like Arda Guler, highlighting a blend of experience and emerging stars. Their 4-3-1-2 formation aims for strong midfield control and versatile attacking options.
    • Player Availability: Real Madrid faces challenges with several key players like Eder Militao and David Alaba sidelined due to injuries, which may influence their tactical approach and offer Arandina CF opportunities to exploit.

Analysis of the Confirmed Lineups

In a strategic move by coach Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s lineup for the anticipated match against Arandina CF sees a blend of experience and fresh talent. The confirmed lineup introduces Arda Guler in his debut start, a decision that has garnered praise for the young player’s performance in training and previous appearances. Here’s a closer look at the starting XI and what it signifies for the team’s approach:

  • Goalkeeper and Defense:
    • Kepa Arrizabalaga takes the position between the posts, bringing reliability to the backline.
    • The defense comprises Lucas Vazquez, Nacho Fernandez, Alvaro Carrillo, and Fran Garcia. This setup indicates a mix of seasoned defenders like Nacho with newer faces such as Carrillo, aiming to balance stability with agility.
  • Midfield and Attack:
    • The midfield trio of Dani Ceballos, Brahim Diaz, and Federico Valverde alongside Nico Paz, suggests a dynamic center capable of both defensive solidity and creative playmaking.
    • Upfront, Arda Guler and Joselu are tasked with leading the attack, highlighting Ancelotti’s trust in Guler’s ability to make a significant impact alongside the experienced Joselu.

This lineup, while facing the absence of key players like Vinicius Junior and Thibaut Courtois, showcases Real Madrid’s depth and flexibility. The inclusion of younger players for this Copa del Rey match against Arandina CF not only gives them valuable experience but also keeps the squad fresh for the upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia for the Supercopa.

Key Moments from the Match

Real Madrid’s victory over Arandina CF was marked by several key moments that defined the match’s outcome. Here’s a closer look at how the events unfolded:

  • First Half Attempts and Saves:
    • Real Madrid’s aggressive offense led to multiple attempts on goal, but Arandina’s goalkeeper, Adrian Alvarez, showcased exceptional skill with crucial saves, keeping the scoreline at bay initially.
  • Scoring Breakdown:
    1. Brahim Diaz opened the scoring from the penalty spot, following a controversial foul by Arandina’s captain, Fathu.
    2. Josu quickly followed with the second goal, demonstrating Real Madrid’s dominance.
    3. Brahim Diaz notched his second goal, further securing Real Madrid’s lead.
    4. In extra time, Rodrigo added a fourth goal, displaying Real Madrid’s relentless attack.
    5. Arandina’s Cabal scored a consolation goal, ending the match 4-1 in favor of Real Madrid.
  • Controversial Moments and Missed Opportunities:
    • The penalty awarded to Real Madrid stirred debate, with Arandina’s captain at the center of the controversy. Meanwhile, missed opportunities by Joselu, Diaz, and Rodrygo for Real Madrid highlighted what could have been an even more significant victory margin.

Player Performances

In the dynamic showdown between Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups, player performances varied widely, contributing to the match’s outcome in significant ways. Here’s a closer look at how key players fared:

  • Standout Performances:
    • Brahim Diaz (Real Madrid): With a rating of 8/10, Diaz’s agility and skill were on full display as he scored a goal and won a penalty, showcasing why he was the match’s standout player.
    • Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid): Rated 8/10, Camavinga’s return from injury was nothing short of masterful, dominating midfield battles and displaying excellent ball-handling skills.
    • Mario Martin (Real Madrid): Making his debut, Martin impressed with a 7/10 rating, showing promising signs for future matches.
  • Players Needing Improvement:
    • Nacho (Real Madrid): Struggled throughout the game, earning a low rating of 4/10 due to a conceded penalty and an own goal.
    • Kepa Arrizabalaga (Real Madrid): Had a challenging game with a 5/10 rating, failing to make significant saves and conceding an own goal.
    • Nico Paz (Real Madrid): With a rating of 5/10, Paz’s performance was underwhelming, highlighting areas for improvement in future games.
  • Notable Mentions:
    • Vinicius Tobias and Alvaro Carrillo (Real Madrid): Both players managed decent performances with 7/10 ratings, contributing to the team’s defensive efforts.
    • Arda Guler (Real Madrid): Despite a long injury hiatus, Guler showed potential with nice touches, earning a 6/10 rating.

This analysis highlights the varied contributions of Real Madrid’s lineup, from standout performances to areas needing improvement, underpinning the team’s dynamic approach to the match.

Tactical Overview

Real Madrid’s tactical approach in the match against Arandina CF was a testament to their adaptability and strategic planning. Despite facing challenges such as a poor pitch quality and the absence of key first-team players, they managed to dominate the game with a significant possession advantage. Here’s a breakdown of their tactical execution:

  • Possession and Positioning:
    • Real Madrid held 78% ball possession, showcasing their ability to control the game’s pace and create space for attacking opportunities.
    • The quality of the pitch and the TV camera angle influenced their strategic positioning, ensuring they maximized their strengths.
  • Defensive Challenges:
    • The defense was noted to be shaky, with Fran Garcia being a point of focus for criticism due to his performance.
    • Despite these challenges, Real Madrid’s attacking prowess was undeterred, with 13 shots on goal compared to Arandina CF’s 3.
  • Performance Metrics:
    • Real Madrid achieved a 1.59 expected goals (xG) rate, indicating their efficiency in creating high-quality scoring chances.
    • The odds were heavily in favor of Real Madrid at 1.09, reflecting their dominance and the anticipated outcome of the match.

This tactical overview highlights Real Madrid’s approach to overcoming pitch conditions and lineup changes, focusing on maintaining possession, strategic positioning, and leveraging their attacking style to secure victory.


The showdown between Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups not only captivated fans but also provided a rich tapestry of footballing philosophy, strategy, and individual brilliance to analyze. From the detailed pre-match lineup predictions to the insightful post-game analysis, it’s evident that both teams brought their unique strengths to the pitch, with Real Madrid’s tactical adaptability and depth of talent ultimately proving decisive. The match underscored the importance of strategic planning, the impact of individual player performances, and the unpredictable nature of football, where both established stars and emerging talents can shine.

As we reflect on the game’s significance, it’s clear that matches like these offer more than just ninety minutes of entertainment. They provide a glimpse into the future of football, showcasing emerging talents and new strategic paradigms. For fans and analysts alike, the game serves as a reminder of football’s evolving landscape and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Whether it’s through further research, spirited discussions, or simply enjoying the beautiful game, there’s always something new to discover and appreciate in football’s rich and complex tapestry.

FAQs About: Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups

  • What time is the Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups match scheduled to kick off?

    • The Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups match is scheduled to kick off at 21:30 CET (03:30pm EST) on 01/06/2024.
  • Where will the Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups match take place?

    • The match will take place at El Montecillo in Aranda de Duero, Spain.
  • How can I watch the Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups match live?

    • The match will be televised live on TVE1HD and streamed online on ESPN+.
  • What are the recent forms of Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups?

    • Arandina CF has secured 1 win, 2 draws, and faced 2 losses in their last 5 matches, while Real Madrid boasts 3 wins and 2 draws from their last 5 matches.
  • Are there any key players missing from either team’s lineup due to injuries or suspensions?

    • Yes, Real Madrid faces challenges with several key players like Eder Militao and David Alaba sidelined due to injuries.
  • What is the historical record between Arandina CF vs Real Madrid Lineups in previous encounters?

    • Previously, Real Madrid clinched a victory with a 3-1 scoreline, showcasing their dominance.

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