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Francine Lucero-Bennett Incident: A Kearney Tragedy Unveiled

In the quiet streets of Kearney, Nebraska, an incident involving Francine Lucero-Bennett has captivated local attention and raised questions about domestic disputes, animal control, and public safety. On the night of October 5th, 2023, Francine Lucero-Bennett found herself facing serious charges in Buffalo County Court, including second-degree assault and failure to adequately confine a dangerous dog. This incident not only highlights the personal turmoil within a household but also brings to the fore the dangers posed by unrestrained animals in residential areas.

The altercation escalated when police responded to a domestic dispute report at Lucero-Bennett’s residence. Her boyfriend suffered injuries, and an unrestrained Tibetan Mastiff attacked an officer, leading to the dog’s death and a complex investigation by the Kearney Police Department. As the community grapples with the repercussions of this event, the sealed court documents hint at the sensitive nature of the evidence and the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and integrity of material witnesses. This article delves into Francine Lucero-Bennett’s background, the investigation’s progress, and the broader community response to this unsettling episode.

The Incident Unfolded of “Francine Lucero-Bennett”

On October 5, 2023, a sequence of distressing events unfolded in Kearney, Nebraska, involving Francine Lucero-Bennett, leading to a tragic conclusion on October 26, 2023. Here is a detailed account of the incidents:

  1. Domestic Dispute and Subsequent Police Encounter:
    • Kearney Police responded to a domestic dispute at Francine Lucero-Bennett’s residence in the 1600 block of 10th Avenue.
    • A significant altercation occurred when an unrestrained, 200-pound Tibetan Mastiff attacked a responding officer, resulting in injuries. In self-defense, the officer discharged his service weapon, fatally wounding the dog.
    • The dispute escalated from a confrontation between Lucero-Bennett and her boyfriend, leading to physical injuries on both sides, including lacerations from a glass cup and an admission of biting from Lucero-Bennett.
  2. Tragic Train Incident:
    • Approximately three weeks later, on October 26, 2023, Lucero-Bennett was struck by a westbound train near downtown Kearney, around 300 feet west of the Central Avenue railroad crossing.
    • The incident occurred shortly before 1:00 AM, with Union Pacific officials discovering her body around 9:00 AM.
    • This tragic event marked a sorrowful end to the series of incidents involving Lucero-Bennett.
  3. Investigation Efforts:
    • The Kearney Police Department, along with the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office, Union Pacific Police, and the Buffalo County Attorney’s Office, are conducting thorough investigations into both incidents.
    • Public appeals have been made for anyone with information to come forward, highlighting the community’s role in piecing together these events.

These incidents have not only brought to light concerns regarding domestic disputes and public safety but also the tragic loss of Francine Lucero-Bennett, whose life story has captured the attention of many within and beyond Kearney, Nebraska.

Francine Lucero-Bennett: A Brief Background

Francine Lucero-Bennett, aged 34, hailed from Kearney, Nebraska, where she made significant strides both personally and professionally. As the founder and CEO of FLB Enterprises, she was at the forefront of the digital marketing and e-commerce industry. Born and raised in Serenity Springs, Lucero-Bennett’s journey into the world of e-commerce began at Serenity Springs University, where she discovered her passion for the field. Her innovative strategies in digital marketing not only disrupted the industry but also set new standards, earning her numerous awards and recognitions for her contributions to e-commerce.

  • Professional Achievements:
    • Founder and CEO of FLB Enterprises.
    • Introduced innovative strategies in digital marketing and e-commerce.
    • Received numerous awards and recognitions for contributions to e-commerce.
  • Personal Background:
    • Born and raised in Serenity Springs.
    • Completed education at Serenity Springs University.
    • Discovered a passion for e-commerce during university years.

Beyond her professional success, Lucero-Bennett was deeply committed to mentorship, leadership development, and philanthropy. She dedicated herself to nurturing the next generation of talent in e-commerce and used her success to benefit others, demonstrating a strong commitment to community engagement and creating a better world.

Investigation Efforts

The investigation into the incidents involving Francine Lucero-Bennett has seen a collaborative effort from multiple law enforcement and legal entities. Key points in the ongoing investigation include:

  • Collaborative Investigation Efforts:
    • The Kearney Police Department (KPD) is leading the investigation with assistance from the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office, Union Pacific Police, and the Buffalo County Attorney’s Office. This multi-agency approach underscores the complexity and seriousness of the case.
  • Public Involvement:
    • Authorities have issued a call to action for anyone with information to come forward. Contacts for the KPD, Buffalo County Crimestoppers, and the See It Say It Send It app have been provided, encouraging community members to aid in the investigation. This open appeal highlights the importance of public assistance in gathering crucial information.
  • Internal Review and Policy Adherence:
    • The KPD’s Office of Professional Standards is conducting an internal review of the incident where a police officer shot and killed a 200-pound Tibetan Mastiff. This review is crucial for ensuring that department policies and training were correctly followed during the altercation, maintaining accountability within the police force.

This collaborative and multi-faceted approach to the investigation aims not only to uncover the facts surrounding the tragic incidents but also to uphold public safety and law enforcement integrity.

Community Response

In the wake of the tragic incidents involving Francine Lucero-Bennett, the Kearney Police Department (KPD) and local authorities have issued specific guidelines and appeals to the community, emphasizing the importance of public cooperation and safety. Here’s a concise breakdown of the key points:

  • Public Appeals for Information:
    • Kearney Police Department (KPD): Individuals with any information related to the incidents are encouraged to reach out directly at 308-237-2104.
    • Buffalo County Crimestoppers: Confidential tips can be submitted by calling 308-237-3424, offering a secure way for citizens to assist without revealing their identity.
    • See It Say It Send It App: For a more modern and convenient option, information can also be shared through this app, ensuring easy accessibility for the younger, tech-savvy population.
  • Safety Advisory:
    • In light of the ongoing investigation and out of respect for the sensitive nature of the scene, the KPD has strongly urged the public to avoid Railroad Street. This precautionary measure is in place to ensure that the investigation can proceed smoothly and to maintain the dignity of the situation.

These steps underscore the community’s role in assisting with the investigation and ensuring public safety while respecting the privacy and solemnity of the circumstances surrounding Francine Lucero-Bennett’s tragic end.

Safety Measures and Preventative Actions

In response to the tragic incidents involving Francine Lucero-Bennett, the Kearney Police Department (KPD) has issued a critical safety advisory for the residents and visitors of Kearney. To ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation and to maintain public safety, the KPD has highlighted the following preventative measures:

  • Avoidance of Railroad Street:
    • The public is strongly urged to avoid Railroad Street, particularly the vicinity of the Central Avenue railroad crossing. This area is an active investigation scene due to the discovery of Francine Lucero-Bennett’s body on the tracks. The restriction is in place to facilitate the smooth progress of the investigation and to respect the sensitivity of the incident.
  • Public Cooperation:
    • Community members are encouraged to comply with the temporary restrictions and safety measures put in place by the authorities. Cooperation from the public is essential in ensuring that the investigation can be conducted without unnecessary interruptions or complications.
  • Staying Informed:
    • The KPD is committed to keeping the community informed about the ongoing investigation and any further safety measures that may be implemented. Residents are advised to stay updated through official channels and community alerts for any changes or updates regarding safety advisories and restrictions around Railroad Street.

These measures are crucial for upholding the safety and security of the Kearney community while allowing law enforcement to conduct a thorough and respectful investigation into the tragic events.


The tragic incidents surrounding Francine Lucero-Bennett in Kearney, Nebraska, have unfolded layers of complexity involving domestic disputes, public safety, and the ensuing community response. Through a recount of the events leading to Lucero-Bennett’s untimely demise and the in-depth investigation efforts by multiple law enforcement agencies, this narrative has not only shed light on the gravity of ensuring animal control and public safety but also has highlighted the significant loss endured by the community and the digital marketing industry. The detailed examination of these occurrences reflects on the broader implications such incidents have on societal norms, legal frameworks, and community well-being.

As the Kearney community and the wider public come to terms with the loss of a notable entrepreneur and the circumstances of her passing, the importance of collaboration between law enforcement, the public, and safety measures emerges clearly. The proactive steps taken by the Kearney Police Department, coupled with the appeals for public assistance, underscore a collective resolve towards ensuring such tragedies are prevented. This incident serves as both a reminder and a call to action for improved security, animal control policies, and the ongoing commitment to providing a safe environment for all citizens. Ultimately, the story of Francine Lucero-Bennett stands as a poignant chapter in Kearney’s local history, marking a period of reflection, learning, and communal solidarity.

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