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Medical Implants and Breast Augmentation for Your Health

We live in a time when medical science estimates human life will be extended to 300 years at the current pace of advancements. We will be able to benefit from many life-saving and life-extending advances.

My father received a heart valve replacement that extended his life by 30 years. That surgery was performed in 1990. Today implants have sensors and wireless capabilities allowing even better outcomes.

The early years of medical science research and implementation in the field of augmentation saw severe complications. The list of materials used in these early procedures ranged from wax to ivory, and glass beads.

Teflon-silicone implants led to injections with disastrous results. Silicone breast prosthesis was first used for mammoplasty augmentation in 1962. The ‘70s brought about saline injections and government regulations to standardize procedures regarding filled breast implants.

Explant surgeries for early prosthesis in Australia are becoming more popular and many women find great relief after breast implant removal in Sydney. There are many myths of breast surgery and the truth is coming out.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report in 2011 with data that concluded that breast implants are safe and effective. Since then, the application of augmentation has helped many women. Our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) cancelled suspended breast implants in 2019.

Here are some reasons for breast augmentation;

  • Chronic back and support strap pain from macromastia, or abnormally large breasts is a condition that can be relieved through augmentation.
  • Certain skin conditions around and under the breasts can cause significant pain and discomfort. Lifting or reducing surgeries will provide relief.
  • Breasts that are asymmetric due to size or density variations can be augmented. Different growth rates as a child may result in hypertrophy that can be addressed with current procedures.
  • Ductal carcinoma is one of the earliest forms of breast cancer and non-invasive techniques can assist when detected early. Radiation or chemotherapy could be long treatments and result in not eliminating cancer. Mastectomy is the option to save life and remove all cancer.
  • Appearance enhancement surgeries result in 17% being removed in the first year. This segment of implants has slowed by 9%. The US removed over 36,000 implants in 2020 alone.

Our bodies react differently to what we eat. What we have put in our bodies inorganically will result in diverse reactions. Changes in sensitivity, illness, bleeding, and infection are various signs of body revulsion or rejection. Proper medical consultation and understanding of the risks of implant surgeries can prevent additional pain and suffering through removal.

Our government has realized the high-risk levels and taken steps to protect our citizens. The level of carcinoma and lymphoma associated with breast implants has triggered a response that makes some implants illegal and off the market. Consider your health options.

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