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Motorcycle Enthusiasts Top Choice: Best Phone Mount for Motorcycle

Phone Mount for Motorcycle: Finding the perfect phone mount for a motorcycle can significantly enhance a rider’s experience by keeping their device secure and accessible during rides. Among the top contenders, the Ram Mounts X-Grip excels as the Best Overall for its durable design and ease of use, while the Rokform Pro Series stands out as the Best Mount and Case Combo, offering added protection for smartphones. Other notable options include the Tackform Enduro Series, recognized for its superior grip; the iMESTOU Mount, which integrates charging capabilities; and the Roam Bike Mount for its unmatched versatility.

When selecting a mobile phone mount for motorcycle enthusiasts, factors such as materials, locking mechanism, size and fit, and weatherproofing play crucial roles. Riders seeking a universal phone mount for motorcycle handlebars need to consider these aspects to ensure their smartphone remains safe and functional, no matter the terrain. With advancements in technology, options like socket arm attachments have become popular for their customization and flexibility, making the hunt for the ideal mount an important aspect of preparing for the road.

Ram Mounts X-Grip: Best Overall

The Ram Mounts X-Grip stands out as the best overall motorcycle phone mount, distinguished by its innovative design and secure fit. Here’s a detailed look at its features and real-world performance:

Innovative Design and Secure Fit

The X-Grip features a spring-loaded scissor mechanism that adjusts to hold various phone sizes securely. This mechanism is complemented by a rubber tether that enhances security, ensuring that the device remains in place even during rough rides.

Versatility and Compatibility

Ram Mounts X-Grip offers exceptional versatility with its universal design, fitting a wide range of motorcycles and phone sizes. It includes the Tough-Claw model, which can be easily attached to handlebars without any tools, making it ideal for riders who prefer a quick setup.

Real-World Performance

In real-life scenarios, the X-Grip has proven its worth by holding up well against elements like wind gusts, rain, and extreme temperatures. Its compact design allows it to fit snugly in spaces left by instrument clusters, providing a clear view of the road without obstructing the phone screen.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros:
    • Universal fit for various phone models.
    • Durable and compact design.
    • Easy installation with no tools required.
  2. Cons:
    • The rubber tether can deteriorate over time if exposed to harsh elements.
    • Potential obstruction of phone screen corners and side buttons.


The X-Grip is priced at $30.49, while the Tough-Claw mounting base starts at $34.95, making it an affordable option for most riders looking for a reliable phone mount solution.

This combination of affordability, robust design, and ease of use makes the Ram Mounts X-Grip a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a dependable phone mount.

Rokform Pro Series: Best Mount and Case Combo

The Rokform Pro Series stands out in the competitive market of mobile phone mounts for motorcycles, particularly for its robust construction and innovative design tailored for specific motorcycle models. This series includes several variants designed for different riding styles and bike types, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced security for the rider’s smartphone.

Key Features and Compatibility

Constructed from CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, the Rokform Pro Series mounts offer unmatched durability and a sleek design. The series includes specific models like the Motorcycle Cell Phone Perch Mount, ideal for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and the Motorcycle Stem Phone Mount, which is perfect for sportbikes with clip-on bars. These mounts are compatible with Rokform’s proprietary cases, which incorporate additional magnetic attachment points for extra security.

Installation and Usability

The installation process of the Rokform Pro Series mounts is straightforward, thanks to the intuitive two-bolt system that allows for easy attachment to motorcycle handlebars. The mounts provide a 360-degree rotation capability, making it simple for riders to adjust their phone’s viewing angle. This feature is particularly useful in maintaining visibility and control, crucial for navigating or tracking ride statistics.

Durability and Design

Rokform’s commitment to quality is evident in the dual retention locking system and the powerful integrated magnet, ensuring that the phone remains secure, even on the most rugged terrains. The low-profile design does not interfere with the motorcycle’s aesthetics but instead complements it by integrating seamlessly with the handlebars.

Real-World Application

In real-life scenarios, users have reported high satisfaction with the Rokform Pro Series mounts, praising their sturdiness and the ease of mounting and dismounting the phone. The vibration dampening accessory, available separately, enhances the user experience by reducing the impact of road vibrations, thereby protecting the phone and improving readability during rides.

This combination of thoughtful design, robust construction, and user-friendly features makes the Rokform Pro Series a top contender for riders looking for a reliable and stylish phone mount solution.

Tackform Enduro Series: Best Grip

The Tackform Enduro Series motorcycle phone mount, renowned for its exceptional grip, is engineered from premium 6061 aluminum, ensuring durability and a sleek design. Compatible with a broad range of smartphones including all iPhone and Galaxy models, this mount is versatile and reliable for any rider.

Key Features and Design

  • Material and Build Quality: Crafted from CNC machined black anodized aluminum, the mount offers a robust all-metal design that can withstand rough terrains and extreme weather conditions.
  • Compatibility: Fits handlebars sizes from 7/8″ to 1-1/4″, making it suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles including brands like Harley Davidson, Honda, and BMW.
  • Ease of Use: Features a heavy-duty spring-loaded grip that allows for single-handed insertion and removal of the device, tested for over 10,000 actuations.

Performance and Reliability

  • Vibration Dampening: The optional Enduro 20MAXX VIBE holder reduces high-frequency vibrations, protecting the smartphone camera and enhancing readability.
  • Security Features: Includes an optional anti-theft knob and a low-profile ball and socket connection that provides a vast range of motion, ensuring the phone stays secure even on challenging rides.
  • Durability Testing: Reliability tested to handle conditions such as vibration, temperature, humidity, extreme heat, and cold.

User Feedback and Warranty

  • Customer Ratings: Holds a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating based on 3,381 global ratings, with 86% being 5 stars.
  • Warranty and Support: Backed by a lifetime warranty and a flexible 30-day return policy, offering peace of mind and reliability for its users.

This mount’s innovative design not only minimizes heat transfer but also allows customization with Tackform’s DuraLock knobs, enabling riders to match the setup to their motorcycle’s aesthetics. The Tackform Enduro Series stands out as a top choice for those seeking a secure, durable, and adaptable phone mount solution.

iMESTOU Mount: Best Charging Mount

The iMESTOU Motorcycle Wireless Charger Phone Mount stands out as the best charging mount, offering a unique combination of features tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts. This mount is versatile, supporting an interchangeable setup either on the rearview mirror or on the handlebars, making it adaptable to different motorcycle styles and preferences.

Key Features and Design

  • Interchangeable Mounting Options: Can be installed as a rearview mirror or handlebar mount.
  • Waterproof Power Switch: Features a three-way waterproof switch, enhancing its usability in various weather conditions.
  • Over-Voltage Protection: Safeguards against excessive current, ensuring both the mount and the smartphone’s safety.

Charging Capabilities and Compatibility

  • Qi Wireless Charging: Offers a 15W fast charging capability, suitable for 3.5-6.5 inch cellphones.
  • USB 3.0 Port: Provides an alternative wired charging option for externally linked devices.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Works efficiently with both 12V and 24V vehicles.

Installation and Usability

  • Easy Installation: The mount includes a ball arrangement for quick handlebar fitting, along with spare bushings for various handlebar types.
  • Secure Phone Fastening: Utilizes four locking arms that securely hold the phone and allow easy release with the click of side buttons.

User Experience and Feedback

  • Average User Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars from approximately 3,700 reviews.
  • Positive Feedback: Users have noted the mount’s robust build and the effective charging speed that operates well even with phone cases on.
  • Concerns: Some reports of challenges with the durability in hot weather and the waterproof casing of the charging switch being stiff.

This mount is not only practical for its primary function of charging but also excels in providing flexibility and security, making it a top choice for riders who prioritize functionality and ease of use on the road.

Roam Bike Mount: Most Versatile

The Roam Bike Mount distinguishes itself as the most versatile option in the market, catering to a wide array of two-wheeled vehicles from motorcycles to bicycles and even e-bikes. This mount’s adaptability is highlighted by its universal handlebar compatibility and its ability to support a range of smartphone sizes, from 4.5″ to 6.7″. Key features include:

Universal Compatibility and Ease of Use

  • Device Fit: Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, accommodating screen sizes between 4.5″ to 6.7″.
  • Handlebar Fit: Designed to attach securely to various types of bike handlebars.

Durable Design and Material

  • Material: Constructed primarily from plastic, ensuring lightweight yet sturdy support.
  • Weather Resistance: Features a heavy-duty silicone net, known for its durability in extreme weather conditions and providing six points of contact for a secure hold.

User Experience and Ratings

  • Customer Satisfaction: Holds a 4.3 out of 5-star rating based on over 61,000 global ratings on Amazon.
  • Feedback: Users frequently praise the mount for its stability, ease of installation, and excellent value for money.

Additional Features and Warranty

  • Color and Dimensions: Available in Matte Black, with dimensions of 2.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches and a weight of 3.36 ounces.
  • Warranty: Roam offers a lifetime warranty, reflecting confidence in their product’s quality and durability.

Despite its many advantages, some users have noted issues with the lock mechanism needing adjustments during significant vibrations, suggesting room for improvement in this area. Nonetheless, the Roam Bike Mount remains a top choice for riders prioritizing versatility and reliability in a phone mount.

Deciding Factors When Choosing a Motorcycle Phone Mount

Through a comprehensive analysis of various products, this article has identified the key contenders in the market for motorcycle phone mounts, highlighting their unique features, usability, and performance. The discussion detailed the merits and considerations of top-rated mounts including the Ram Mounts X-Grip for its overall excellence, the Rokform Pro Series for its mount and case combo, the Tackform Enduro Series for its superior grip, the iMESTOU Mount with its charging capabilities, and the Roam Bike Mount for its unparalleled versatility. Each product was evaluated on crucial aspects such as durability, compatibility, ease of installation, and added functionalities—providing valuable insights for riders on the lookout for reliable smartphone mounts.

The significance of selecting the right phone mount resonates deeply within the motorcycle community, ensuring safety, convenience, and an enhanced riding experience. As technology and consumer needs evolve, the importance of these mounts in connecting and protecting our digital lifelines becomes ever more critical. The array of options discussed showcases the industry’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. Riders are encouraged to weigh these insights as they navigate their choices, always prioritizing secure attachment, accessibility, and protection for their devices on the open road. This exploration into the best motorcycle phone mounts underscores the blend of functionality and design that modern riders demand, promising to elevate the riding experience with each journey.


Exploring additional options in the market, the Quad Lock Mount and Case and the Peak Design Everyday Case and Motorcycle Bar Mount both offer unique features that cater to the needs of modern riders. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their capabilities:

  1. Quad Lock Mount and Case:
    • Quick-Attach/Detach Capability: Ensures easy access, allowing riders to securely attach or remove their device with minimal effort.
    • Mounting Options: Includes versatile mounts for handlebars, steering stems, mirror mounts, or ball adapters, providing flexibility depending on the motorcycle setup.
  2. Peak Design Everyday Case and Motorcycle Bar Mount:
    • Magnetic Alignment System: Utilizes magnets for precise alignment, ensuring the phone is perfectly positioned every time.
    • Locking Mechanism: Offers a robust locking system combined with quick-attach/detach capability, making it both secure and user-friendly.

These additional mounts bring forth features that emphasize ease of use and security, essential for riders who value efficiency and reliability in their motorcycle accessories. Each option presents a practical solution, enhancing the riding experience by combining innovation with functionality.


1. What are the top-rated phone mounts for motorcycles? The best motorcycle phone mounts include the Quad Lock Pro Mount, which is highly versatile, and the Peak Design Mobile Motorcycle Mount, known for its sleek design. The Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount is excellent if you prefer to use your existing phone case, while the Sena PowerPro Mount is ideal for USB charging. For wireless charging, the Ram Mounts Quick-Grip Waterproof Wireless Charging Mount is the top choice.

2. How should I carry my phone on a motorcycle? The most popular method for carrying a phone on a motorcycle is using a handlebar mount. This type of mount is adaptable to many motorcycles and comes with wedges for a secure fit. You can adjust the mount’s position on your handlebar to suit your viewing preferences.

3. Is mounting a phone on a motorcycle safe for the phone? Mounting a phone on a motorcycle can be risky for the phone’s camera. The vibrations from the motorcycle’s engine may interfere with the phone’s optical image stabilization (OIS) systems. This can result in blurry photos or potentially cause the camera to malfunction completely.

4. Are Rokform mounts compatible with QuadLock cases? No, Rokform mounts are not compatible with QuadLock phone cases. This compatibility issue is confirmed by Rokform, LLC.

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