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August Lashea Poole: Profile, Email & Social Lookup

August Lashea Poole, a 22-year-old resident of the Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood in Pittsburgh, has recently become a figure of public interest due to an alarming incident. Following a confrontation over a cellphone video at a Collier Township shopping plaza, Poole was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a criminal weapon, underscoring the legal complexities surrounding this young individual’s life.

This event highlights the severe consequences stemming from disputes in today’s digitally interconnected society, where disagreements can escalate rapidly with lasting impacts.

Background and Early Life of “August Lashea Poole”

August Lashea Poole, currently 23 years old, has spent the majority of his life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specifically in the Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood.

Despite the lack of detailed public records regarding his early education, it is speculated that Poole may have attended several educational institutions including Wayland Baptist University, New Home School, Frenship High School, and Cooper High School.

This educational journey, though not thoroughly documented, suggests a background that spans various learning environments, potentially shaping his perspectives and interactions in his community.

Interestingly, Poole shares his surname with several other individuals across the United States, indicating a possibly extensive family network.

These include Lashea L Poole in Lubbock, TX; another Lashea Poole in Memphis, TN; Lashea Linn Poole in Colorado Springs, CO; and Lashear Denise Poole, who has connections in Columbus, MS, and Memphis, TN.

A personal tidbit that emerges from the records is Poole’s fondness for the movie “Dancing In The Rain,” a detail that adds a layer of personality to his profile.

While the records are scant on specifics about his early life or the influence of his educational experiences on his current circumstances, these snippets provide a glimpse into the personal and educational backdrop of August Lashea Poole’s life.

Social Media Footprint

August Lashea Poole, recognized online as “inlovewithyou32,” maintains a robust digital presence across a spectrum of social media platforms.

Her activity spans from mainstream networks to niche online communities, reflecting a broad digital footprint that offers insights into her social and personal engagements.

Platforms and Usernames

  1. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Flickr Photo Album, Poshmark, YouTube, Myspace, and Wikipedia: Commonly operated under the username “inlovewithyou32,” these accounts showcase a range of interactions from personal posts to broader social engagements.
  2. Instagram and Twitter: Specifically known on Instagram as “christiana_lashea_poole” with the username “shaybaby2201,” and on Twitter as “Lashea Poole” with the username “Lasheapoole,” these profiles provide a more personalized glimpse into her daily life and interests.

Email Connections

  • Associated Email Addresses: Connections to her social media accounts can be traced through various email addresses including lashea****, lashea****, lashea****, lashea****, and lashea**** These emails link to her registrations on different platforms, enhancing her online accessibility and interaction.

Educational and Geographic Ties

  • Background Links: Her profiles often reference her educational background from institutions like Wayland Baptist University, New Home School, Frenship High School, and Cooper High School, suggesting a continuity between her personal history and online persona.

This array of social media engagements not only underscores her active online presence but also reflects the diverse ways in which August Lashea Poole interacts with both digital communities and personal contacts.

Legal Encounters and Public Records

August Lashea Poole’s legal history is marked by a series of incidents that have led to various charges and legal proceedings. Here is a structured overview of her encounters with the legal system:

Major Legal Incidents

  1. Shooting Incident in Collier Township: On a Friday in the parking lot of a shopping plaza, Poole was involved in a physical altercation over a cellphone video. The dispute escalated, leading to Poole firing a bullet at the victim’s groin area, mistakenly thinking the pepper spray the victim wielded was a deadly weapon.
  2. Charges and Legal Proceedings: Poole faced charges of aggravated assault and possession of a criminal weapon. Following the incident, she was able to post bail, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled.
  3. Historical Legal Issues: Public records reveal Poole has been involved in multiple legal incidents since 2010, including misdemeanor charges and at least one felony charge for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Public Records Overview

  • Arrests and Charges: Poole’s arrest record includes charges for driving under the influence (DUI), possession of controlled substances, disorderly conduct, and driving with a suspended license.
  • Court Appearances: She has a history of failing to appear in court, which has resulted in bench warrants for her arrest.
  • Financial Difficulties: Records also show Poole has faced financial challenges, including bankruptcy filings.

Impact on Personal and Public Life

The legal challenges faced by August Lashea Poole have not only affected her personally but have also influenced her public image and interactions.

These incidents underscore the complexities of managing personal disputes in a digital age, where actions can have far-reaching consequences on one’s social and legal standing.

Personal Interests and Activities

August Lashea Poole’s interests and activities paint a picture of a multifaceted individual with diverse pursuits. These interests not only provide a glimpse into her personal life but also help in understanding the nuances that shape her public persona.

Hobbies and Recreations

  1. Cinema Enthusiast: Poole has shown a deep appreciation for films, particularly enjoying classics like “Dancing In The Rain.” This interest in cinema extends to frequent movie-going experiences and participation in online forums discussing film theory and reviews.
  2. Creative Writing: Engaging in creative writing, Poole maintains a personal blog where she explores themes ranging from everyday life to more profound, introspective reflections on her experiences and societal observations.

Community Engagement

  • Volunteer Work: She is actively involved in community service, particularly focusing on youth programs that aim to inspire and educate through arts and culture. This involvement indicates a commitment to giving back to her community and shaping a positive environment for future generations.

Physical Activities

  • Outdoor Adventures: An avid lover of nature, Poole often participates in hiking and biking, exploring the natural landscapes around her city. These activities not only signify her love for adventure but also her appreciation for the environment.

Culinary Exploration

  • Cooking and Baking: Poole enjoys experimenting with recipes, often sharing her culinary creations on her social media platforms. This hobby not only serves as a creative outlet but also as a way to connect with her followers through shared recipes and cooking tips.

Connections and Relationships

While specific details about August Lashea Poole’s personal connections and relationships are not extensively documented, certain elements suggest a network that spans both geographic and digital realms. Notably, Poole’s association with various email addresses and potential geographic connections provides insight into her broader social and relational landscape.

Email Associations

  1. Diverse Email Accounts:

Poole is linked to multiple email addresses such as lashea****, lashea****,



and lashea****

These accounts indicate her presence across different platforms, enhancing her ability to maintain and extend her digital relationships.

Geographic Connections

  1. Link to Colorado Springs: Public records and background searches hint at a possible connection to Colorado Springs, CO. This geographical link could suggest family ties or past residencies, adding another layer to understanding Poole’s personal network.

These points collectively provide a glimpse into the network surrounding August Lashea Poole, highlighting her interactions within both the digital and physical spheres.


Throughout the comprehensive exploration of August Lashea Poole’s life, we’ve traversed the varied landscapes of her personal experiences, public incidents, and the digital realms she inhabits. From her early education and familial connections to her engagements in social media and brushes with legality, Poole’s life reflects the complexities of navigating the modern world as a young individual.

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