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Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel Wedding: A Day to Remember

The upcoming Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel wedding marks a celebratory union between two beloved news anchors from Fox 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. Having met at work in 2017 and embarking on a romantic journey in 2018, their love story is a testament to shared passions and finding love in unexpected places. Following Gabe’s heartfelt proposal in October 2020 during a memorable trip to Florida, the anticipation for their wedding has been growing among fans and followers.

This article aims to provide an insider’s view into the Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel wedding, from the enchanting venue selection to the intimate moments of their special day. As they step towards a new chapter in their lives, the details of their engagement and the vibrancy of their love will be shared, offering readers a glimpse into the celebration of unity and love that awaits.

The Love Story of Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel

Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel, both prominent anchors at Fox 8 News Cleveland, have woven a tale of romance subtly hinted at through their on-screen chemistry and off-screen interactions. Their journey began around 2017 when they were both established names in the Cleveland news circuit. The couple’s relationship blossomed quietly, with occasional glimpses into their growing bond shared through social media posts and public appearances.

By 2018, their connection seemed undeniable, especially when Natalie posted a heartfelt birthday tribute to Gabe on Instagram, sparking further speculation among their followers. Despite their public personas, they have managed to keep their relationship relatively private, sharing just enough to keep the intrigue alive without confirming anything officially.

Adding a delightful twist to their story, Natalie and Gabe introduced a new family member, Casey, a golden retriever or golden doodle puppy, adopted from Golden Retrievers In Need (G.R.I.N.). This addition not only brought joy to their lives but also to their audience, who warmly received the news with numerous positive reactions and comments. The couple’s shared love for their pet and their humorous anecdote about prioritizing Casey’s comfort, shared by Gabe, highlighted their harmonious domestic life.

Their professional paths often crossed, notably on July 18, 2017, during a live Facebook broadcast for Fox 8 News at 4, where their easy rapport and mutual respect were evident. This professional and personal synergy culminated in a live preview of their wedding ceremony, an event that captured the hearts of their viewers and solidified their status as a beloved Cleveland couple.

The Magical Venue

Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel’s choice of wedding venue truly encapsulated the essence of their love story, offering a variety of stunning locations each with its unique charm and elegance. The primary venue, The Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington D.C., stands out with its grand marble columns and ornate detailing, complemented by a majestic staircase, setting a regal stage for the couple’s vows. This historic venue can host a grand affair, accommodating up to 1,200 guests for a seated dinner and 2,000 for a reception, making it an ideal choice for a celebration of this scale.

Alternatively, the couple also considered The Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, known for its scenic beauty amidst rolling hills and breathtaking views, providing a more natural and intimate setting. This venue, with its meticulously manicured gardens and elegant reception hall, offers a romantic backdrop perfect for a wedding ceremony.

For those with a love for the urban vibe, The Club at Key Center in downtown Cleveland was another potential venue. It combines modern city elegance with luxurious service, ensuring every detail is catered to perfection.

Each venue, from the historic grandeur of the Mellon Auditorium to the natural beauty of The Farm at South Mountain, was selected to reflect the couple’s personality and their journey together, promising a memorable start to their married life.

A Glimpse into the Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel Wedding Day

The Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel wedding day was a spectacular event that captured the hearts of many. Broadcasted live on Fox 8 News’s Facebook page, the coverage allowed fans and well-wishers to partake in the joyous occasion. Despite minor technical glitches that led to comments about the video being shaky, the live stream managed to attract 8.5K views and numerous heartfelt comments, showcasing the couple’s popularity.

The ceremony, held on a beautiful Saturday in May, was a blend of elegance and personal touches. Natalie and Gabe exchanged vows in an intimate setting, surrounded by close family, friends, and colleagues. The chief meteorologist from Fox 8, Scott Sabol, officiated the ceremony, adding a familiar face to the proceedings. Highlights included a unique unity ceremony where the couple combined two different-colored sands into a single vessel, symbolizing their merged paths.

The reception followed in a stunning venue characterized by rolling hills and breathtaking views, where the couple shared their first dance to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The evening was filled with laughter, dancing, and joy, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

The Bride’s Radiant Beauty and Style

Natalie Herbick, celebrated for her poised appearance on Fox 8, chose a breathtaking wedding ensemble that perfectly matched her style. She appeared in a stunning strapless white gown designed by Anne Barge, renowned for its elegant bridal designs. The dress featured a classic sweetheart neckline, enhancing her graceful demeanor.

Her fashion sense, consistently admired by her audience, was complemented by her choice of accessories. Known for her unique flair in accessorizing simple outfits like little black dresses with bold black boots, Natalie opted for subtlety on her wedding day with delicate jewelry that highlighted her features without overshadowing her gown’s beauty.

A significant accessory was her engagement ring, prominently featured in a promotional video by Don Basch Jewelers. This piece not only symbolized her impending nuptials but also her personal story of resilience and advocacy, as Natalie is a vocal advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Her commitment to this cause is deeply personal, having undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction herself. This experience has shaped her public presence, bringing a depth of character to her bridal look that goes beyond aesthetics to embody her advocacy for health and empowerment.

The bridal party’s attire complemented the elegant theme, with bridesmaids in blush pink and groomsmen in sharp gray tuxedos, creating a harmonious visual palette that celebrated the couple’s special day.

Symbolizing Unity: The Wedding Ceremony

At the heart of Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel’s wedding ceremony were poignant symbols of unity, each chosen to reflect their coming together as a couple. Held at the Old Stone Church in Cleveland, Ohio, the ceremony was a beautiful blend of tradition and personal significance, officiated by Reverend James Kobilka.

  1. Candles: The ceremony began with Natalie and Gabe each lighting a single candle. Towards the culmination of the ceremony, they jointly lit a third candle, symbolizing the ignition of their united life ahead.
  2. Sand: In a visually captivating moment, the couple poured different colored sands into a single container. This act represented the seamless blending of their individual lives into one shared existence, a testament to their commitment and love.
  3. Handfasting: Adding a traditional touch, their hands were gently tied together with a cord. This ancient practice, known as handfasting, symbolized their binding commitment to each other.
  4. Wine Sharing: Emphasizing shared experiences, Natalie and Gabe sipped from a single glass of wine. This act was a nod to their future together, filled with shared moments and mutual support.

These symbols were not just ceremonial but spoke volumes about their intentions to support, share, and respect each other in their journey ahead. Each element of the ceremony was thoughtfully chosen to convey deep meanings, making the event not only a celebration of their love but also a promise of unity.

Celebrating Love: The Reception

The reception of Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel’s wedding was a splendid affair held at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s atrium, which was beautifully decorated with elegant white and gold themes. The grand ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Cleveland also served as a stunning backdrop, known for its luxurious service and breathtaking architecture.

Venue and Decor

The reception venues, chosen for their architectural beauty and exceptional service, included the Cleveland Museum of Art’s atrium and the Ritz-Carlton’s grand ballroom. Both locations were adorned with white and gold decorations, creating a regal and inviting atmosphere for the 300 guests in attendance.

Culinary Delights

The dinner was a sophisticated sit-down affair featuring a menu of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Guests had a choice of three exquisite entrees:

  1. Grilled salmon,
  2. Roasted chicken,
  3. Vegetarian lasagna.

An open bar provided a selection of fine wines, beers, and signature cocktails, catering to the diverse tastes of the guests.

Entertainment and Special Moments

The reception was lively with music from The Big Night band, which played a mix of classic and contemporary hits. A highlight of the evening was the couple’s first dance to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” which was both romantic and memorable.

Wedding Cake

The centerpiece of the reception was a magnificent five-tiered wedding cake with gold detailing, crafted by Wild Flour Bakery. The cake featured flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry, delighting guests with its exquisite taste and elegant design.

Thoughtful Touches

In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, Natalie and Gabe requested donations to the Cleveland Food Bank, reflecting their commitment to giving back to the community. Additionally, custom-made champagne flutes engraved with the couple’s initials and wedding date were given as favors, providing a lasting memento of the occasion.

The reception concluded with a grand exit for the couple, marked by a sparkling send-off with guests lining up with sparklers, creating a magical end to an unforgettable evening.


Through the recounting of Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel wedding day, from the stirring moment of their vows to the joyous celebration that followed, readers have been offered a glimpse into a day filled with love, laughter, and a profound union. Their love story, marked by their shared careers and their discreet romance that blossomed into a deep companionship, culminates in this memorable event, showcasing their journey from colleagues to soulmates. The detailed description of their wedding day, along with the significance of the chosen venues and the thoughtful symbolic gestures exchanged, amplifies the essence of their bond and the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

As the tale of Natalie and Gabe’s wedding unfolds, it stands as a vibrant testament to the power of love, celebrating not only their union but also the shared experiences and values that bind them. The broader implications of their story, intertwined with the community’s goodwill through charitable gestures, echo the impact of their union beyond the personal joy it brings. It serves as inspiration for embracing love’s serendipity, the beauty of shared passions, and the importance of giving back to the community. Their story, concluded with a display of commitment and celebration, leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of all who partake in its telling, fostering a sense of hope and joy in the collective celebration of love.

FAQs About Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel’s Wedding

Where was the Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel wedding held?

The wedding ceremony was held at the Old Stone Church in Cleveland, Ohio, known for its stunning architecture and deep historical significance.

What special symbols were included in their wedding ceremony?

Natalie and Gabe incorporated several symbols of unity in their ceremony, including lighting a unity candle, mixing different-colored sands, handfasting, and sharing wine.

Which venues did they consider for their reception?

The reception venues included the Cleveland Museum of Art’s atrium and the grand ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Cleveland, both known for their elegant settings.

What was unique about the couple’s reception entertainment?

The reception featured live music by The Big Night band, which played a mix of classic and contemporary hits, and the couple’s first dance was to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Did Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel request traditional wedding gifts?

Instead of traditional gifts, the couple requested donations to the Cleveland Food Bank, reflecting their commitment to giving back to their community.

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