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Heather Gillespie Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now?

Heather Gillespie, known from her appearance on “Love After Lockup,” represents a unique figure in the reality TV landscape. She entered the public eye through her relationship with Dylan, whom she met during his incarceration, spanning from June to December 2019. Unlike the typical narrative associated with reality TV drama, Heather insists her platform is about shedding light on the seldom-shown realities of life post-incarceration, emphasizing positivity over negativity. This article will delve into Heather Gillespie’s journey, aiming to untangle the complexities of her life post-“Love After Lockup.”

Given the intrigue surrounding Heather Gillespie Love After Lockup, this piece seeks to explore not just her personal development and struggles but also her impact on public perception and social media. From her efforts to navigate housing and motherhood challenges to her commitment to self-care in unprecedented circumstances, the narrative is a compelling discourse on resilience and authenticity. Through this exploration, we aim to present a fuller picture of Heather Gillespie’s trajectory, capturing insights into her future and the undiscussed aspects of reality TV stardom.

Heather Gillespie’s Background

Heather Gillespie’s life story is as complex as it is compelling. At the age of 35, Heather is a mother to three children, navigating life’s challenges with a resilience shaped by her varied experiences. Her commitment to her family and personal growth is evident from her consistent efforts, despite facing numerous adversities.

  1. Early Commitment and Challenges: Heather’s dedication to her partner Dylan, whom she visited in prison every weekend for five years, underscores her loyalty and commitment. This period was marked by her support during his legal battles, highlighting her role as a steadfast partner.
  2. Career and Aspirations: From a young age, Heather has been industrious, working in various roles from movie theaters to hospitals since she was 14. Her entrepreneurial spirit shone through when she claimed to have invented a new baby product, although it was a pre-existing concept. Heather also expressed her creative side through her interest in developing a coffee table book featuring family photographs.
  3. Legal and Personal Struggles: Heather’s life has been significantly affected by her interactions with law enforcement and legal issues, starting in 2009 and escalating in 2015. Her history includes a conviction for residential burglary and possession of ecstasy. These experiences have unfortunately been coupled with significant personal challenges, including homelessness and losing custody of her infant.
  4. Advocacy and Future Goals: Amidst her struggles, Heather’s main goal remains to live peacefully with her children. She has been vocal about her experiences with exploitation and abuse, seeking assistance from various agencies without success. Her advocacy for herself and her family continues as she seeks resources to fight against the injustices she has faced.

Through all these, Heather Gillespie’s story is a testament to her resilience and determination to overcome the myriad challenges life has thrown her way, all while being in the public eye through her participation in “Love After Lockup.”

Public Perception and Social Media Impact

Heather Gillespie’s journey through and beyond “Love After Lockup” has been marked by a complex interplay of public perception and social media dynamics. Heather’s social media presence, particularly on platforms like TikTok, has been a double-edged sword, showcasing both support and significant criticism.

  1. Viral Moments and Criticism: Heather has become the subject of viral TikTok videos, including one where she is visibly emotional after losing custody of her baby. Such moments have sparked widespread discussion about her mental state, with some viewers speculating about potential abuse of ADHD medication.
  2. Perception of Entitlement: Across various social media platforms, Heather has been critiqued for displaying what some describe as an entitlement mentality. Comparisons with other cast members from “Love After Lockup” often highlight a perceived victim mentality, adding to the polarized views about her character.
  3. Confrontations and Claims: Notably, Heather has used her platforms to confront viewers and critics alike, accusing them of being detrimental to her life. She has been vocal about keeping a log of those who slander her, indicating her proactive stance against online harassment.
  4. Support Amidst Struggles: Despite the controversies, Heather acknowledges the support from her followers, emphasizing that her online spaces are not meant for negativity. This stance seems to resonate with a segment of her audience who empathize with her ongoing struggles, including her living conditions and personal challenges.
  5. Allegations and Legal Threats: The backdrop of her social media narrative also includes serious allegations against networks and individuals she believes have wronged her. Heather’s threats of legal action against entities like WEtv reveal her contentious relationship with the very platforms that brought her fame.

Through these dynamics, Heather Gillespie’s social media activities paint a picture of a woman navigating the tumultuous waters of public scrutiny, legal challenges, and personal adversity, all under the watchful eyes of a divided online community.

The Reality of Heather Gillespie Love After Lockup

The reality of Heather Gillespie’s life post-“Love After Lockup” is far from the scripted scenes of reality television. Her journey reflects a struggle with real-world issues that many viewers may find both enlightening and distressing. Heather’s experience after the show has involved navigating complex challenges, including societal reintegration and personal development.

Navigating Reintegration

  1. Employment Challenges: Finding stable employment has been a significant hurdle for Heather, reflecting a common plight for many former inmates. Her public persona, heavily influenced by her reality TV background, complicates her job search, as potential employers often hesitate to associate with her high-profile history.
  2. Social Stigma: The stigma of being a former reality TV star and ex-inmate continues to impact Heather’s social interactions and professional opportunities. This societal label often overshadows her personal growth and efforts to reintegrate into society effectively.

Personal Development

  1. Mental Health: Heather has been open about her mental health struggles, exacerbated by the pressures of public scrutiny and her past traumas. Her journey includes seeking therapy and support groups to manage anxiety and depression, highlighting the importance of mental health care for those in the public eye.
  2. Relationship Dynamics: Post-show, Heather’s relationships have been a mix of fleeting connections and deeper interactions. The challenge lies in distinguishing genuine relationships from those influenced by her fame, a common dilemma for those who have been in the limelight.

Through these points, the reality of Heather Gillespie’s life after “Love After Lockup” illustrates the complexities of life after reality TV, marked by ongoing personal growth and the continuous challenge of societal reintegration.

Heather’s Struggles with Housing and Motherhood

Heather Gillespie’s journey through motherhood and housing instability paints a stark contrast to the life she portrayed on “Love After Lockup.” Currently homeless and pregnant with her fourth child, Heather faces relentless challenges that complicate her daily existence.

Housing Instability

  1. Current Living Conditions: Heather has been without a stable home for several years, recently resorting to living in a tent. This situation drastically differs from her previous lifestyle showcased on television.
  2. Security Concerns: After moving into a new apartment, Heather encountered issues with locks and security, adding to her stress and vulnerability.
  3. Shelter Denials: Despite her critical need, Heather has been repeatedly denied shelter, complicating her efforts to find a safe environment, especially with her impending childbirth.

Challenges in Motherhood

  1. Custody Battles: Heather has lost custody of her infant and is embroiled in ongoing legal struggles to regain custody of her three older children. She has been working on this case for three years without the opportunity to present her situation in front of a judge.
  2. Health and Well-being: With her current pregnancy, Heather has been proactive about her health and that of her unborn child by getting regular blood work done. However, she faces significant anxiety about giving birth in her current living conditions and the potential of her children being taken away post-birth.
  3. Support System Strain: Heather’s relationship with her mother has been strained, leaving her without crucial family support during these challenging times.

Impact on Mental and Physical Health

  1. Mental Health Concerns: The cumulative stress from housing instability, motherhood challenges, and ongoing legal issues have exacerbated Heather’s mental health struggles, including PTSD and anxiety.
  2. Physical Health Risks: Living outdoors has posed significant health risks, particularly with Heather’s current pregnancy. Concerns about her well-being have led to requests for wellness checks.

Through these hardships, Heather remains determined to improve her situation and provide a stable environment for her children, despite the overwhelming obstacles she faces daily.

Self-Care in Unprecedented Circumstances

In the whirlwind of challenges, Heather Gillespie has consistently emphasized the importance of self-care, particularly during the most testing times. Her approach to maintaining her well-being is multifaceted, incorporating both physical activities and mental health strategies.

Physical Activities for Stress Relief

  1. Gym and Swimming: Post-pregnancy, Heather plans to return to the gym and continue swimming. These activities not only help her stay fit but also serve as an escape from negative energy, providing a much-needed mental break.
  2. Weightlifting: Advocating for physical strength, Heather uses weightlifting as a tool to combat stress and maintain physical health.

Mental Health and Wellness

  1. CBD Advocacy: Heather believes in the benefits of CBD for managing anxiety and stress, incorporating it into her daily routine to help stabilize her mood.
  2. Professional Relationships: After a falling out with her previous doctor, Heather stresses the importance of having trustworthy healthcare providers, especially during sensitive times like pregnancy.

Creating Boundaries

  1. Phone and Security Restrictions: To protect her mental space, Heather has limited outgoing calls and adjusted her security settings, emphasizing the need for strong personal boundaries to foster a healthier mental state.

Engaging in Normalcy

  1. Movies and Content Creation: Despite financial constraints, Heather makes time for movies, a simple pleasure that helps her feel connected to normalcy. She is also considering expanding her digital footprint by creating more content, which could include experimenting with new makeup styles like trying a lavender color.

Through these actions, Heather Gillespie illustrates a comprehensive approach to self-care, balancing between physical health, mental wellness, and personal enjoyment, all while navigating the complexities of her life circumstances.

Looking Ahead: Heather Gillespie’s Future

Heather Gillespie’s journey continues to unfold with ambitious plans and a clear focus on advocacy and personal development. Her future endeavors are shaped by her experiences and her desire to effect meaningful change, particularly in areas that have deeply impacted her life.

Criminal Justice Reform Advocacy

Heather emphasizes the need for reform within the criminal justice system, highlighting its often predatory nature, especially in urban areas like New York and Chicago. Her advocacy aims to bring attention to these injustices, hoping to inspire change that benefits those similarly affected.

Campaign Against Poverty and Homelessness

Determined to make a substantial impact, Heather plans to launch a campaign addressing poverty and homelessness both in the United States and globally. This initiative reflects her personal struggles and her commitment to helping others facing similar challenges.

Exploring New Opportunities

Open to new paths, Heather is considering opportunities in social media management and branding. She has made her contact information available for potential collaborations, indicating her readiness to engage in projects that can leverage her platform.

Support for Inmates

Heather has expressed concern over the treatment of inmates, particularly in St. Louis, where recent incidents have highlighted significant issues. She calls for increased awareness and support for those in similar situations, reflecting her ongoing commitment to advocacy.

Continuing as a Life Coach and Content Creator

Heather intends to continue her work as a life coach and content creator, using her experiences to inspire and empower others. Her platform serves as a tool for change and personal connection, emphasizing resilience and the power of transformation.

Personal Challenges

Despite facing personal challenges, including issues with gym memberships and social setbacks, Heather remains focused on her goals. She continues to document her life, including her pregnancy, on social media, sharing her journey openly with her audience.

Heather’s future is filled with plans for advocacy, personal growth, and community engagement, showcasing her resilience and dedication to creating a better environment for herself and others. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact one person can have on their community and beyond.


Heather Gillespie Love After Lockup, as detailed in this exploration, embodies a narrative of resilience amid adversity. Her experiences since “Love After Lockup” highlight not only her personal growth and the challenges she continues to face but also her commitment to advocacy and the impact of societal perceptions. Heather’s story is a testament to the complexities of navigating life post-reality TV, underscored by her struggles with housing, motherhood, and the pursuit of personal well-being in unprecedented circumstances. Through all of this, she emerges as a figure of tenacity, advocating for criminal justice reform, and addressing issues of poverty and homelessness based on her lived experiences.

Looking ahead, Gillespie’s future endeavors point toward a continued journey of advocacy and personal development. Her plans to launch a campaign against poverty and homelessness, coupled with her intentions to explore opportunities in social media management and branding, signal her readiness to leverage her platform for broader impact. Heather Gillespie’s narrative thus concludes on a note of hopeful anticipation, inviting us to reflect on the implications of her experiences for reform and awareness in the areas that have deeply affected her life. Her resilience, shaped by the highs and lows of her journey, offers a compelling glimpse into the power of perseverance and the potential for positive change.


1. What is the current relationship status of Melissa and Louie from Love After Lockup Season 5?

Melissa and Louie, featured in Season 5 of Love After Lockup, are still together.

2. What has happened to Dylan since his appearance on Love After Lockup?

After his time on Love After Lockup, Dylan Smith was released from jail following a domestic dispute with Marissa. He is currently under bond stipulations which forbid any contact with Marissa.

3. Which season of Love After Lockup did Heather Gillespie appear on?

Heather Gillespie was a cast member on Love After Lockup, but the specific season she appeared on was not provided in the original information.

4. Are Aris and Cameron from Love After Lockup still in a relationship?

Yes, Aris Morton and Cameron Morton are still together. They got married in 2022 and have welcomed a daughter. Additionally, Cameron has taken on the role of stepfather to Aris’ daughter Lina from a previous relationship.

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