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Reasons Why You Should Pick an Android Phone Over an iPhone

When getting a smartphone for yourself, it comes down to two choices that you may choose between. You may either choose to get an Android phone for yourself or you could get an iPhone, depending on what your preference is. However, make sure you put in the right research before you choose which phone you should get for yourself.

You can always head to the internet to read reviews to help you finalize a decision. All you need is a reliable internet service such as Xfinity since Xfinity Internet Speed knows no bounds and is known to be among the most reliable internet services in the United States.

While reviews may be helpful, you can also use the internet to read listicles that would help you decide whether you should get an Android phone or an iPhone. Just like that, today we will be talking about the reasons why you should pick an Android phone over an iPhone, so make sure you stick to the end so that we can convince you to get an Android instead of an iPhone. So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

  1. Android Gives You More Options and Features

If you are looking for the kind of phone that gives you more options and features, then an Android phone is definitely what you are looking for. When we say options, we mean things like more designs, different sizes, variable colors, and different specs as well. Not only that, but the phone prices also vary and you can select a phone that suits your budget the most. The thing about Android is that if you are looking for something in specific such as a 256GB variant or a phone that comes in red color, then it is very likely that you would find an Android phone that meets your requirement.

Similarly, there are also some features that can make your phone stand out from the rest, for instance Samsung has recently released their flip and fold phone which actually lets your phone close by flipping or folding the screen. This is something that you don’t get if you get an iPhone for yourself.

  1. More Liberty to Customize Your Phone

When it comes to customization of the way that your phone looks, especially its interface, then you have a lot more creative space if you get an Android. You can customize an Android phone in ways that you cannot with an iPhone. For instance, on an Android phone, you can download different home screen launchers that can change the way that your phone looks right from the home screen.

Similarly, Android was the first to introduce the idea of widgets. You can add widgets to your home screen for the apps that you use the most. This adds more convenience as you use your phone and increases its functionality.

  1. USB Type-C Integration

It has been quite a while that Android has integrated the USB Type-C into its phones, something that iPhone has done just recently. This always gave Android an edge as it gave faster charging and also faster data transfer too. iPhone had been restricted to the lightning cable which could not be used universally, they changed to USB Type-C so that they could use universal chargers as well.

Due to this convenience, people have had a preference for Android phones over iPhones. It is without a doubt that Android has always aimed for more customer convenience than the iPhone did, making Android the smarter choice between the two.

  1. Expandable Storage Options

While the iPhone is restricted to having just a set amount of internal storage, Android is better in the sense that there are most Android phones that allow you to expand the storage. You can do this by using a Micro SD card that most phones are compatible with. You can get the size as per your needs, ranging from 64GB all the way to 1TB too! This is something that is not possible if you own an iPhone since it doesn’t have an SD Card slot.

Another thing worth noting is that you only get 5GB of free storage in iCloud when you get an iPhone but if you get an Android phone, you get 15GB of free storage through Google Drive. You can use Google Drive on an iPhone but you can’t use iCloud on an Android. Here you can judge which phone is more convenient in terms of storage and which isn’t.

Conclusive Note

These are just some of the many reasons why you should consider getting an Android phone over an iPhone. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, for instance, you get a far more supreme camera if you get an iPhone. When it comes to functionality and design, nothing comes close to an Android phone!

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